Insect Extinguisher?

I really like staying around Deanville and not going to Monrovia. By now, the checkpoint in Gbarnga knows us and there is no need to stop us for a little “tip”.  On our way with John 2 to Monrovia for some final errands before heading to the airport this morning, we had the joy of stopping at multiple checkpoints along the way. I’ve finally gotten every imaginable required document for our truck but today, that wasn’t enough. They needed to see our fire extinguisher. After unearthing it from the depths of the seat cushions like a stray quarter in a sofa, we presented it to the officer to exchange for  our papers (and John’s drivers license). He rejected it and said it was a can of insect spray (he obviously couldn’t read given the large “FIRE EXTINGUISHER” blazed across the label). We had to park the car and were taken to an office where they just happened to be selling extinguishers. They told us the law changed and we needed a larger one for our size truck. For $30USD we could be on our way. It never ends.

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