My Kingdom For A Durable Belt

Ok, another police stop with extinguisher check…this time we passed with the old “insect spray”. 

Moments later, the same evil warning lights illuminated on the dashboard that we’ve witnessed several times now. After pulling over and lifting the truck cab, we see the same shredded fan belt #3)…I guess it’s actually the alternator belt. This time, we have a spare of the same size…BUT, no tools. Lavela and a mechanic are currently using them to work on our generator motor. Fortunately, we’re stranded in front of one of the endless stream of repair places along Somali Drive in Monrovia (not in podunk Liberia at night). Ironically we’re on our way to the Foton dealership to buy a fuel filter. Maybe a set of new belts, too?? Luckily, my Rossman airport DNA has supplied the appropriate genetic cushion of 7 hours before flight departure to account for checkpoints, belt shredding, and the general unpredictability that is Liberia.

Once again, 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

2 thoughts on “My Kingdom For A Durable Belt

  1. Oh, the ceaseless transportation woes you face, Jon ! Glad you budgeted plenty of time to get to the airport. Safe travels, my brother 🙂


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