Is There a Surveyor in the House

Late last week a group of men from a Liberian version of the Army Corp of Engineers came to the site at the request of Sumo. They have volunteered their time to evaluate getting heavy machinery in to finish the road our villagers recently brushed from the school to the highway. Good news!

This week the Army Corp guys are returning with surveying equipment to measure the distance and give us a budget for fuel (supposedly the only thing they’ll charge us for)! Really good news!

One day this photo will actually include a car on the road:

3 thoughts on “Is There a Surveyor in the House

  1. Jon, As I read your post, the words from an Easter hymn came to mind: “As I survey the wondrous cross, on which the Prince of Glory died.” The work the engineers will be doing will be “wondrous” in its own way. That is, indeed, wonderful news.

    Best, Herk


  2. I’ve finally caught up with all the great work you all are doing Jon! I am so proud ans happy to know such hard working believers of Christ. This blog is amazing and needs to be on every social media platform. Thanks for being the messenger and devoting your time and life to helping those in need. God bless you and your family. The video of the school had me in tears! I remember when it was just computer photos of what could be *sigh* So glad to see what is and what is yet to come! Much love and respect.


  3. Excellent Jon,
    I’ve been praying that the right people are put in your path. I hope people get more and more excited and begin to dream big.


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