Dry season Christian

There’s always a bit of interpretation going on when different cultures try to convey similar messages. Bible translators have attempted to update terminology to reach different readers so we have the King James, the Good News, The Message, the Revised Standard…the New Revised Standard Version, and even an American Sign Language Version (among many many others). We have common catch phrases in American church circles pertaining to members who attend sporadically such as “Christmas and Easter Christians” or “fair weather Christians”. During worship service this past Sunday, I enjoyed catching a spontaneous “fair weather Christian” variant by Sumo when addressing his members, “Don’t be a dry season Christian.” Conditions are extreme during rainy season in Liberia so many people simply stay indoors. I’m sure church attendance plummets then swells again in the dry season. It’s easy staying committed when conditions are right. The challenge is to have faith when the rains are heavy – on your head or your heart.

Some village children escaping the dry season heat.

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