Photos for fun

Here are a few photos just for fun:

Amelia is 16 weeks pregnant (shown here holding her “Pregnant Woman’s Health Card” from her first prenatal visit to Phebe.) Imagine American women waiting 4 months for their first prenatal visit.

Here’s the final school solar set up with the battery bank protected by the plywood enclosure.

Here is Edwin, the electrician, holding a cardboard model of a house he made – complete with lighting on the security shed and inside the house. Reminds me of things I would build as a kid.

Here’s Quita carrying fire wood to the kitchen.

Here are children on the porch practicing writing after the ABC class.

Here are a couple of “hair ties” seen after church.

Here are piles of small flies that accumulate at the guesthouse door just below the light on some nights when a storm is coming. Enough to shovel with a dust pan.

The security guards can frequently be seen “barbering” each other using a double-edge razor blade (which inevitably i find discarded on the ground somewhere).

Jerry unearthing a charcoal mound to “harvest” the coals for his cooking fire.

Here’s how some of our students get to school each day. And we’re worried our children don’t have seatbelts on school buses.

A contrast in footwear and foot wear.

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