Solar panels are here

I’m in baby Foton on my way back from Monrovia with solar panels and solar batteries! Also picked up supplies, per the usual routine, at Eagle. Then to a variety of shops trying to find a hanging scale to weigh our feed in those aforementioned-mathematically-correct portions. Finally found it at Ousailli Store (pronounced “ow-OOO-sah-EE-lee). Of course, that’s the first name in scales I should have thought of right after Walmart!

As we stopped for a soft drink in Kakata, a bunch of guys came over needing a ride to Suakoko. They were part of Sam Bundo’s construction crew (remember way back to 2015 and it was Sam’s crew that built the warehouse.) parked right behind me was a slightly larger twin Foton truck. Jim Foster was using a Foton, too! I wonder how his reliability experience has been? Anyway, we had room for just two way in the back of the bed.

We’re about an hour away from home now and it’s been uneventful getting to Monrovia and back. Record time going in and a return without rain is a bonus also.

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