Kwatekeh Gemah

We made it into the warehouse with the solar panel crate. Tomorrow is my solar Christmas when I get to unwrap it all! I had to share this photo of TWELVE men working together to gently place the crate on the ground. In Kpelle you say “Kwatekeh gemah” (qua-TEE-kay GAY-ma) – “we are working together”. I try to use that phrase often!

One thought on “Kwatekeh Gemah

  1. Jon,

    I found it interesting that in order to keep the focus of the gentlemen on the eggshell (pun intended) delicacy of the job, that you placed the motivational (and even the directional) sign right next to them, with the GLTC lettering, pleading that they Gently Lift The Crate! Once again, your creativity rages to the surface!

    Be well, Herk


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