An Even Briefer Brief

It’s been a long day of shopping in Monrovia, picking up supplies, traveling slowly along with the traffic through Red Light (a market section of Monrovia that is pure chaos), and then a bumpy 3 1/2 hour ride back to Gbarnga. The workers have been busy plastering which should be finished tomorrow. The roofing is completed.  Next step is door installation then pouring concrete for the ramp.

I’ll be staking out the final guesthouse and school building locations tomorrow so digging can start for foundations.  The overall layout has changed a bit due to the topography of the land.  The school building (and future ones) have been moved uphill to more level ground…also away from the low lying area that will be wet during the rainy season.

My little friend, Moses, was eagerly awaiting my return to show that he had been working in my absence unloading sand and filling in a stump hole.

I got my passport back this evening and after a $20 bribe, I’ve been renewed for another 30 days after existing illegally for 4 weeks.

The internet is PAINFULLY slow this evening (we’re talking 1992 dialup modem slow) and I need to sleep so that’s it for today! (that’s why no photos…I couldn’t stand waiting over 15 minutes for just a single one to upload…sorry).

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