Brief Update in Monrovia

I’m back in Monrovia to buy cement and supplies for the guesthouse and school foundations that start this week.  I don’t have a computer so this will be brief from my phone.

Last night my guesthouse-mate Bruce asked how long my VISA was good for…turns out immigration at the airport only gave me 7 days so apparently I’ve been here 4 weeks illegally.  Fortunately Bruce has a connection with the hospital director, Dr. Sibley whose admin assistant can take care of it for me.  I need a letter from someone high up at Phebe (Dr. Sibley is on top!) then he’ll take it to immigration in Gbarnga to get a renewal stamp.  If I went to the airport with 7 days on my visa I wouldn’t be able to leave the country.  Good thing for Bruce!

They started plastering the warehouse walls today…looks great.

I met with the well drillers, Lifewater Canada.  We reviewed my proposed well locations, made some changes, and arranged for the community hand pump well to be drilled the last week in this month.  My band of boys was hanging around again so the well drillers suggested we visit their village water source.  It’s an open hand-dug well that they drop a bucket on a rope into.

Not a safe drinking source though everyone in the village used it.  The new well we drill will be the first safe source for their community.  Thank you, Rotary Club, for the grant money to pay for this.

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