Insurance Wednesday

Not much news other than it’s been a back and forth day with the insurance company working out the coverage details.

Went back to Cemenco to purchase a “decorative, open cement block mold” for use in allowing ventilation but blocking unwanted intruders into the buildings.  It looks something like this when installed:IMG_3408

I placed a big order with Eagle Electric for more materials, especially roofing, which signals the warehouse will soon look like a real building.  The connection through Jim Foster for Eagle Electric has been invaluable.  I go to any branch and mention I’ve got an account along with Jimmy Eid’s name (manager at ELWA and Randall St. branches) and they treat me like a longtime customer.  Turns out that at the three branches I’ve visited, they all have members of the Eid family working there, including a nephew I met today.  They’ve been very accommodating, allowing me to order in one store and pick up at another that’s along the way out of Monrovia to Gbarnga.  I didn’t realize Liberia had such a large Lebanese population.  Many of the foods and beverage containers have Lebanese writing on them in addition to English.

Just for fun, here are some names of companies I’ve purchased supplies from:  Yaya Metal Workshop, Soulemane Silla Carpentry Workshop, Moon Light  Building Materials Store, Ma-Hawa Enterprise, Mawatta Konneh Business Center, Kulidy Trading Center, and Chief Kollie Enterprise/General Building.

Sorry…not that exciting today…but there is still construction progressing in my absence.  I’m thankful that Sam is so diligent and trustworthy!  Can’t wait to see the progress when I return to Gbarnga tomorrow.

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