Uneventful Tuesday

Lest you think I’ve disappeared if I didn’t blog today, I felt compelled to at least report about a Tuesday will little to report on. I had a very smooth ride with Dr. Konuwa to Monrovia after he kindly picked me up at Phebe 7:00am this morning.  We had a nice conversation on everything from the Rotary grant, crazy motorcyclists, and the poor performance of President Sirleaf to his time as director of Curran Hospital and personal experiences with corruption among police and religious leaders.

I arrived at the LCL Guesthouse, checked in, had lunch and by mid-afternoon had received the disappointing, but not unexpected, news that the FOTON would not be ready for pickup until Thursday around 11am despite confirmation yesterday that it would be registered by tomorrow.  I needed to justify my stay in Monrovia today so I searched out the insurance agency that was recommended to me so I could start understanding the Liberian vehicle insurance industry (and it’s likely idiosyncrasies). Again, as I have become accustomed, there is no simple rate answer…there’s a government rate (minimum coverage) and the insurance agency’s rate (better coverage) but no printed comparisons for liability and collision.  I’m awaiting a formalized quote to be emailed so I can digest it before making a decision.  On my way walking back to the compound (about 8 blocks), I stopped at a large indoor market IMG_0224to buy some envelopes and check out the local action.  I mingled with the saleswomen and again entertained with my growing Kpelle vocabulary.  I purchased two small “ABC books” that kindergarten-aged children need to purchase for their schooling which I thought would be good for us to look at during curriculum development.

I’ve scheduled Lawrence Gray, the well drilling project manager for Lifewater Canada, to come visit the property next Wednesday (yikes…it’s November next week).  Their office is located near the Univ. of Liberia-Fendell campus on the Gbarnga Hwy.

I investigated the option of using Western Union instead of constant ATM withdrawals and the associated bank fees charged on both sides of the Atlantic.  Looks like fairly good savings since I can wire a larger sum with a single fee (probably saving about $70 for the equivalent ATM withdrawal amount).

Not sure what I’m up to tomorrow…I think I’ll try to visit Pastor McKay at St. Peter’s to find who I can talk to about school operating budgets, teacher salaries, etc.

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