Teacher Trainer & Mentoring Opportunity


Mission Opportunity for a Teacher Trainer & Mentor

Gbarnga Mission is committed to quality education at our school – the Gbarnga Lutheran Training Center (GLTC). Continuous professional development for teachers is important for student achievement and rarely occurs in Liberian schools where poorly paid teachers are inadequately resourced and unengaged. GLTC is aspiring to improve our teacher proficiency, classroom effectiveness, and staff commitment through faculty training sessions and one-on-one mentoring in every grade level throughout an entire academic year.

We are searching for an experienced educator with first-hand knowledge of the relevant social, economic, and cultural barriers to educating children in developing countries.

Candidates with experience in Liberia (especially past Peace Corps/NGO experience focused on education) or Christian educators with missions experience in West Africa are preferred. This 1-year service opportunity will be funded primarily through a grant and is expected to begin next summer 2021 (approx. August 2021 to July 2022). The trainer/mentor would be provided housing on campus in the GLTC Guesthouse and receive a small monthly stipend (small by Western standards but extravagant by Liberian teacher’s standards!).

Contact Jon Rossman for more information (jonrossman@gbarngamission.org).

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