Welcome to our new logo

Welcome to the new logo for Gbarnga Lutheran Mission Project.


With a cross at its core — like the focus of our mission — the symbol mark takes its inspiration from Liberian lapa cloth commonly used to make simple skirts and functional wraps.

Here’s a sample:


Colorful fields that surround the cross convey a sense of joy and incorporate graphic elements with a feel of the Liberian culture. The top two fields have a “G” swirl and a stylized “M” — representing initials for “Gbarnga Mission”.  The bottom two have an “ichthys” — representing Christian faith, “fishers of people” and “teach a person to fish” themes — and finally, an outline of the African continent where we serve.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to our new logo

  1. Hi Jon!I love the new logo,incorporating the colorful Liberian lapa cloth! Very creative and full of meaning.  My only suggestion would be to reconsider the male-centric language of “fishers of men” and “teach a man to fish”, especially since so much of your work there is uplifting the women and fostering gender equality.   “Fishers of people/disciples”  or “Teach a person to fish….”   My 2 cents 🙂 Tara


  2. I like it. I’d never guess there was a “G” and an “M” there, but it still looks very nice. When I saw the “M” I thought it was the three crosses on Calvary.


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