Bug Off! World Malaria Day


I hate mosquitoes. But fortunately I live in Massachusetts where I’m just annoyed by an occasional bite and unlikely to get a deadly disease like malaria.

This is not the case in Liberia where it’s the country’s leading cause of death. Children are particularly vulnerable. 44% of inpatient deaths among children under age five are attributable to malaria.

Gbarnga Mission is focused on keeping the children in our school community in rural Liberia healthy so, among other things, they don’t miss a day at school from this preventable illness. We provide malaria prevention education and distribute insecticide-treated bed nets throughout the village. Education is key because prevalent myths like eating too many mangoes causes malaria need to be dispelled.

On this World Malaria Day, give today to keep our students healthy. Click the mosquito link below and help us tell malaria to bug off!

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