A Birthday Wish

Ahh chocolate cream pie. I think I had chocolate cream pie for every birthday celebration until I got married and was drawn to the dark side by the likes of cream puffs, cherry pies, German tortes, and carrot cake. The choices were varied and my tastebuds were guaranteed to be satisfied no matter the selection. Like the 57-year old child that I am, the anticipation of a postponed pie upon my arrival home next week gets my saliva running just writing about it.

I’ve talked with many hundreds of children and families here and I’m struck by how few can recall their dates of birth. When asked their age, eyes will wander to nearby family members as they collectively attempt a best-guess figure. Children defer to a parent or even a close neighbor who recalls assisting on the day mother went into labor. As a child in the US birthdays represent parties, gifts, cake, special attention, and fun. No one seems to give it a second thought here. Water still needs to be hauled from the well, cassava still needs to be beat in the mortar, clothes still need to be washed in the river — there certainly isn’t money for gifts or dessert when school fees are owed and there’s no rice for the day.

As this day quietly passes, my birthday wish for Deanville is that, as my T-shirt says, we “live generously” in helping improve their lives, educate the next generation through our school, and share God’s love for them in all that we do. I ask you to help honor all of the un-celebrated birthdays in this community by “living generously” with a gift to Gbarnga Mission. Join us as we celebrate the lives in Liberia that we may have saved to reach another birthday through our efforts to prevent malaria by distributing mosquito bed nets, teach personal hygiene as we give out bars of soap, drill wells for clean water, and provide modern sanitation. Help us increase our impact as we expand the school with more classrooms. Your gift to Gbarnga Mission is better than a cream pie. Thanks.

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