The Deanville Pharmacy

This morning Marsha and I got up early and walked into Deanville to begin a video essay of sorts. Despite my other gifts, I lack a strong internal compass thus I have a severe deficiency when it comes to remembering directions so Marsha and I took the long way there. As she put it, “We came in the front door instead of the back door.” We made it…just took a little longer We’re going to follow one of the GLTC students and video a “day in the life” of a school girl named Comfort. She’s 14 years old and in 2nd grade. We hope to share her story from when she brushes her teeth in the morning to doing daily chores like hauling water and cooking for the family.

Comfort (right) with younger sister, Norah.

Meanwhile back at the campus, Kathy spent time observing classes, discussing basic medical care with Amuchain, and understanding food choices with the cooks. The medical care came in handy relatively soon after her discussions when a student presented himself with fever and chills. A perfect teaching moment and an opportunity to use supplies from a package of meds donated through Johnson & Johnson (thanks to Marsha). She later delved into an erosion control project where she enlisted helpers to haul blocks and gravel to fill some growing ruts. The evening ended with a meeting with Sumo regarding a new student handbook.

One thought on “The Deanville Pharmacy

  1. Dear Jon and Kathy,
    I’m glad you’re sleeping situation is more comfortable. Hope you’re staying healthy. I’m so glad Kathy can get her groove on there! Sharon


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