A scrambling Sunday

A scrambled egg sandwich with fresh eggs from our farm with a side of sweet bananas given by one of the villagers started this Sunday morning off right. A special Thanksgiving Celebration Service planned by Leon and Sumo was scheduled for this afternoon on the school campus so we decided to play hooky on the morning Deanville worship service to avoid double the sweat in this Liberian heat. I spent some time creating a small device from a car USB adapter, a 4″x4″ scrap of 1/2″ thick rubber wood, and a square metal electrical junction box to allow our guards to charge the security team’s dedicated mobile phone from the solar panel.

Sumo showed up hoping we were headed to Deanville for services. I thought he was clear about our disinterest, but within 20 minutes he was back urging me along because service was starting soon. What I found out was he had enlisted me and the new truck to haul pews from the preaching point for use during our campus thanksgiving service. The truck was also committed to transport the guest choir from Mt. Zion preaching point north of Gbarnga.

Suddenly I was scrambling, and not eggs this time. I changed clothes and ended up attending the morning service after all while Leon and Donna stayed back.

Upon our return to campus, I discovered we were also responsible for printing the program bulletins off of Sumo’s laptop. Out came the printer and all the cables. My leisurely morning turned into more scrambling than expected.

The afternoon service went well with harmonious African sounds and indigenous choir melodies penetrating the air, interrupted by piercing audio feedback as a combination of speakers, duct taped microphones, and soundboard was awkwardly manipulated. Leon did the sermon message while struggling to stay erect with a cramped back. Some church and local dignitaries including Bishop Seyenkulo and a Senator from Bong County made statements. The service culminated in distribution of certificates to our entire staff followed by a barrage of photo ops (see below showing a small group of our staff holding their certificates…with me at far left). A light snack of tuna sandwiches and soft drinks was served.

5 thoughts on “A scrambling Sunday

  1. Great to read all your blogs! If you’re miserable in the heat – think of us here in almost sub-zero temperatures (it’ll easily be below zero tomorrow morning with the wind chill). And we have lots of ice to deal with as well! Also – thanks for delivering those boxes for Andy and friend!


  2. What a Sunday! – Your Sunday makes Sunday for pastors a simple routine. Due to snow and ice many services were canceled here in the Northeast. Wish we had some of your heat and that we could send some of our cold your way. We are expecting below zero tonight. The tree and bushes are covered with ice. For the present we still have power. Hope you are feeling better.
    Mom Meyer


  3. We’re enjoying all your posts. Keep them coming! We pray for you and the people of Gbarnga every day! So happy to hear about the new truck and the chickens. The water tank problems – not so much. Keep doing what you’re doing!


  4. Greetings to Bishop Seyenkulo!! Thanks for all the images and stories, Jon. Love to follow your journey here. Just wish there was an audio feature to hear the singing! xoxo


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