Drip, drip, drip

Where to begin? My network connection has been terrible…blah…and I’ve picked up someone’s cold…blah…and we’ve got an issue with the water tank leaking…blah.

My first order of business yesterday was assessing the leak and experimenting with a patch idea which failed miserably (a totally flawed concept with more wishful thinking than engineering logic). I had to try it because the thought of replacing a 1,500 gallon poly tank on a 30-foot high tower with pipe fittings that inevitably leak was not giving me any warm fuzzies for the start of this trip. Unfortunately, a tank replacement appears to be the only solution.

We bought our current tank from Eagle in Monrovia so I began my search. The 1,500 gallon size is not readily available but I hope to know of one by the end of this week. Recalling the major struggles we had hoisting the tank up to its perch the first time, I began devising a pivoting “boom” to help maneuver it into position. John 2 will begin welding this steel pipe Rube Goldberg tinker toy tomorrow. I hope it works.

I’ve been busy with meetings, greetings, conversations, and discussions. After unpacking the various checked bags and bins along with boxes that were previously shipped, the list of projects has become long and varied. Sumo and I met to review finances and school operations issues. I contacted our electrician, Edwin, about improvements needed then arranged to procure supplies and and a start time. Some painters came to discuss applying a waterproofing sealer to the Hydraform blocks on the school building. Initial contact was made with the Rotary Club about an upcoming meeting. I sat down with Tumamee and Bendu to get feedback about the burgeoning poultry farm. Sprinkled among these tasks were visits from various community members and children, including my “namesake” baby, Jon.

Yesterday afternoon they had a special welcoming program during which the children sang their hearts out and yhe GLTC staff presented Liberian outfits to Leon, Donna and me (note the new hat I’m sporting this trip).

With my cold in full gear I’m signing off but not without a cute kid photo:

5 thoughts on “Drip, drip, drip

  1. Hey Jon, sorry about the leaking water tank and catching a cold.Bummer beginning to your trip. However, I must say that baby Jon is a real cutie. And your new outfit & hat look terrific. And it’s a thrill to see all those chickens and eggs! Now if you can just send us an audio from that program with the kids singing 🙂 Hope you feel better soon.


  2. Rats. Sorry about the cold. Hopefully it will pass soon. Rest. Salt water gargles.Sounds like you have your hands very full which hopefully will take your mind of the lousy cold symptoms. 😉 Love the cute photos. Again get to bed early please.

    Te amo,


  3. The pictures of the young ones are adorable, Jon. We pray for energy for you and for the entire GLTC, Please say hello to David Sulonteh for us!


  4. Hope the cold does not slow you down. Young Jon is a cutie as are the other children on the picture you sent. The chickens look healthy. Are there enough to be sold, or are they being used for the children’s lunch? Praying that the water can be fixed. We planned to have Kathy and Sharon visit this week-end but snow ice and freezing rain are predicted. Best that we all stay off the roads.

    Marie “Mom’ Meyer


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