On my way

I departed Boston yesterday afternoon with the usual flurry of plans running through my head. My focus this monthlong trip is to help develop some of our small business ventures on the school campus to lead us toward financial self-sufficiency — a challenging goal. The trick for me will be not getting sidetracked although I will take time to read and play with our school kids. I’ve got an envelop full of letters from child sponsors and Mt. Calvary members which will be fun to share with the children.

As I sat on my flight to Brussels I enjoyed the diversity of passengers–from my elderly seat mate, Phyllis, heading to Prague for a Viking river cruise to the clan of Hasidic Jews with their flat-brimmed black hats and long curly hair sidelocks to the young Spanish family maneuvering to get adjacent seats despite their seat assignments. I was fortunate to get a free upgrade to “economy plus” seating, which in airline lingo essentially means you can eat the inflight meal instead of your knees (on that subject, the barbecued chicken and grits wasn’t bad at all). After a movie (Wonder Woman so I could think of Kathy) and an intermittent nap, we landed a few minutes early.

An hour more to go on this layover and I’m on the next flight to Monrovia via Freetown, Sierra Leone. I’m looking forward to being greeted by John 2 at the terminal exit. I’m feeling very loved by my friends in Deanville as I’ve heard from Sumo that three of the ladies–Annie, Amelia, and Amuchain–have cleaned the guesthouse and prepared my room for my arrival. It’s nice to have another family in Liberia.

8 thoughts on “On my way

  1. Jon, although it’s tough to leave Kathy for yet another month, hearing about your second family, it sounds like they really ARE second family, meaning you’re in a good place for the month. We pray that the busy-ness of building up self-sufficiency doesn’t prevent you from enjoying all the reading and playing with the kids.


  2. John, Wishing you God’s blessings for a safe and fruitful trip.
    With our love, Herk (& Ione) P.S. Loved your “Wonder Woman” remark.


  3. Glad you didn’t have knees for dinner and got a nap in. I know you will make time to play with kids. I hope to see a photo of you and Dusu. Give Sumo a Sumo a Liberian version of a hug from me.


  4. Thank you, Jon. It is a comforting thought to imagine your Liberian family welcoming you “home” with smiles and hugs. Blessings on your work this month.


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