Abandon Ship-Plan B

Since we left our last repair, the traffic has been awful. because we were en route to the Foton dealer, I decided to buy “original equipment” belts as a backup.

You know what I’m going to say next…another belt shredded. As we examine a little more closely , we can see the pulleys are not properly aligned for some reason, causing the belt to twist them jump off and become rubber cole slaw. We made it to the LCL office so I pleaded for help getting to the airport (it’s now 4:30pm….we left Deanville at 9am). Another belt episode part way to the airport would not be good. Saah, our driver from back in October 2015 was available for this emergency response. We loaded to Toyota Land Cruiser (a little more reliable) and headed out. Since I hadn’t eaten all day (no westerner-friendly options), I ran into the Royal Hotel cafe and grabbed a couple of donuts and a small quiche from the prepared food case.

Although I’m in heavy commuter traffic out of Monrovia now, I’m confident of a timely airport drop off. With the belt gone in the Foton and no AC running in the Land Cruiser, I’ll be a soggy mess when I finally board my Brussels flight. Not the day I envisioned!

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