Not A Lutheran Club

One of the visiting pastors at yesterday’s dedication made a statement during his remarks that bothered me. After praising the team who built the buildings he said, “This will be a big benefit to us.  This will be a school for Lutherans.” When he sat down I felt compelled to ask permission to make a rebuttal remark.

This is not a school FOR Lutherans…it is not an exclusive “club” for Lutheran use. Our goal has been to build a school that reaches those who don’t know Jesus and teaches them about his love … oh yeah, they also happen to learn to read and write and calculate math problems; how to share and respect others and deal with failure; how to use a flush toilet and wash their hands, play new games and be good citizens. But the school is simply a 15-acre tool to bring the all-welcoming Good News to one small part of a struggling nation and Liberians do not need us fostering an an environment of exclusivity.

3 thoughts on “Not A Lutheran Club

  1. Well put Jon, it is an opportunity for learning both about Jesus and education. Thank you for being there.
    Tony and Michelle


  2. Kudos Jon!!! The last thing needed is for people to think in a wAy that is exclusive. The message of Christ is that ALL are loved and valued equally beyond measure. Shaz


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