Back to Gbarnga-School Opening!

Just a brief note to get the word out that I’m on my way to Liberia today with the excitement of our upcoming school opening on March 6th keeping me awake.  Please pray for Leon who had to cancel his trip due to crippling back pain that has necessitated an emergency MRI and another surgery.  A major disappointment as you can imagine.  Pray for safe travels and for the final preparations that are occurring in Gbarnga, especially by our principal and teacher, Sumo. Pray for the students that have registered and their families.

Got to go…all electronic devices must be in airplane mode…on the way from Newark to Brussels!

3 thoughts on “Back to Gbarnga-School Opening!

  1. Dear Jon,
    I’ve been thinking about you all day. As promised you will be in my morning prayers each day. Blessings on all that lays before you.
    Love, Sharon


  2. Thank you Jon, safe travels. Randell Dauda would like to be present at the opening. Thank you for your wonderful updates, it helps tremendously! Stay well. Many blessings.


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