Blog Siesta

Yes, it’s been a while since cyberspace has beckoned me.  Frankly, I’m tired in the evening and decided to opt for rest over writing.  I’m sure no one will be reading this tonight anyway since the more entertaining final presidential debate is on (since it’s on at 1:00am for me, I’ll listen to the audio tomorrow).

What is this?

I’ll start off this entry with a quiz:  What is this in the child’s hand? (Answer at end of blog)

Yesterday was a trip to Monrovia.  We reached the Monrovia city line in about 2 1/2 hours (a new record), however the city congestion gave the joy of nearly an hour to cross town and reach the LCL compound.   I met with Hawa Norris and reviewed documents from the lawyer to get us incorporated as “Gbarnga Lutheran Training Center, Inc.” in Liberia.  Hawa expects to deliver final executed documents next week so I can open a bank account in Gbarnga before I leave. I paid for our new auto insurance policy and got the requisite window sticker. We loaded the truck with supplies at Eagle and made it back around 6pm.

Work has been moving along to finish the “shiny floors” on the school, ending with the last part of the porch this afternoon.  I continue to learn about differences in plumbing and electrical installation methods here compared to the US.  I brought some toilet parts from home that are now being cut out and replaced in favor of “white cement”, which is basically a type of white mortar used to solve all things plumbing and is the go-to solution

Edwin installing a light and ceiling fan in the common room.

for fixing leaks, repairing broken tiles, and securing a toilet to the floor…it’s probably a floor scrubber and hair gel, too!

Our electrician, Edwin, is excellent and seems to want to do things “right” (again, a relative term!).  The entire guesthouse has been wired with outlets and lighting, including a very neat and organized breaker panel…I likes things organized and tidy!  The white cement comes into play here also with each outlet and switch plate having “plaster” around them to fill in any gaps behind or around them.  Tomorrow we
hook the generator up for a test of all the circuits.  Next will be having a 300′ + trench dug from the guesthouse to the corner of the warehouse walls where a generator house was erected (and never completed) back in late 2015.  This will allow a generator to power the guesthouse without the deafening din of a diesel engine…the hope is for solar some day.  Care needs to be taken as our original trench location cut through the women’s corn field and “bitterball” gardens – sometimes you need to sacrifice the efficiency of the hypotenuse for the contentment of communal harmony (what’s the saying…hell hath no fury like a woman with a disturbed bitterball patch?!).

The well house is moving along nicely and has reached about roof height.  Soon, all aspects of the water system will either be fenced in, guarded, and/or buried 3 feet underground to keep it from vermin – human and otherwise.

I spent another five hours in court today.  The young man who stole some of our equipment pleaded guilty finally, after being jailed for the last five months.  Two items were recovered and a further investigation has been initiated to find the second perpetrator by pressuring his parents who have not cooperated.  I met with John Flomo, commander of CID (Crime Investigation Division) of the Liberian National Police in Gbarnga.  He reviewed the case file and made plans to move forward with his work to recover more of our goods.

img_6944I love seeing the different business names as I travel around.  There’s a gas station called “God’s Willing Filling Station” and then there’s this place called “I Never Knew Business Center”.  I’m not quite sure if it’s “I Never Knew – Business Center” or “I Never Knew Business – Center”.  I’d probably give a better reference for the former but the signage implies the latter.  The most confusing part is it’s basically a little shack with a very loud speaker blasting the local talk radio station.  Not sure how they make any money but maybe “they never knew business”?!

Soooo…the answer to the quiz is: It’s a baby doll.  A piece of bamboo is cut to make two appendages resembling the legs, then a tuft of hair is added (and I’m guessing it’s real hair.)IMG_6919.JPG

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