October 2016 trip

I have not blogged for a while as my last trip during the month of April left me powerless…no electricity for the entire month because the generator at Phebe was broken down and needed parts from the States that never showed up.  Hopefully this next trip won’t be a repeat.

I leave on Thursday to head back to Liberia.  It’s a complex agenda this trip, everything from hooking up toilets to signing teacher contracts.  There have been many connections made between April and now that should pan out to be helpful as we move forward towards our school opening date of February 6, 2017.

Looking forward to keeping you updated when I arrive in Monrovia on Friday evening…well I’ll probably sleep so don’t expect anything until Saturday!  Here are some photos taken by my friend, Eric Hanson, who lives in Pepperell, MA and works at a leprosy center in Suakoko (not far from Phebe). He visited the school site during his last trip in June. You’ll see the vegetable gardens with okra, beans, onions, and (not shown) corn.

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