Brief Update-Intermittent Internet

Internet problems require me to make this brief…photos have been difficult to load…here goes:

>  The blockmaking machine made it safely to its new home with a crowd of workers needed to unload it from baby Foton.


>  Sand and lumber hauling continues….endlessly.

>  More people have been hired to clear land around the school building so the blockmaking machine can be driven in place each day and a “block yard” established for curing freshly minted blocks. They’ve been “brushing and burning” and spending hours and hours to dig out large tree stumps with pick axes, “country axes”, and shovels.


>  One classroom concrete floor has been poured to allow our blockmaking trainer to show us construction techniques on our actual building.


>  We had a nice thunderstorm yesterday just as I left the work site…very impressive lightning strikes.

>  James Woods, a teacher from Liberia currently living in Providence and is one of our Board members, is arriving some time this evening.  I will pick him up in Monrovia on Thursday.

>  One of the workers told me that I was planning to hinge the bedroom doors in the guesthouse in the wrong direction because a person entering could immediately see the bed.  This wasn’t good in Liberia in case “someone had something against you” there would be a better chance of quickly locking the door if it swung the opposite direction. I personally think if someone who’s out to get me is unknowingly in the house, I’ve already got a problem, forget about which direction my door opens.

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