Waiting at Roberts International Airport

I bid farewell to Saah (and baby FOTON) who got me to the airport at the proper Rossman 3-hour ahead of departure time schedule.  I made it through the health screening form, the thermal imaging camera, a nurse chatting disinterestedly on her cellphone while taking my temple temperature then applying an orange dot sticker on my passport, the baggage checkin where the combined weight of my backpack with

bag dinner and rolling suitcase with laptop exceeded the carryon limit, the immigration form checkers, the passport visa reviewers who thought I only had a 7 day stamp (thanks again to Bruce for saving my butt), and the shoes off empty your beltless pants metal detector. 

 It looks like the terminal has some new seating since the last time I waited here.  I sit strategically upstream of the only limping air conditioner in the room to donate any excess body heat my sweaty forehead is willing to relinquish.  Two hours to go…I miss Kathy!


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