Worship at St. Peter’s and lunch with Naomi

This evening’s sleep was punctuated by extreme bolts of lightning…followed of course by the rumble of thunder.  Ear plugs and functioning air conditioning after changing rooms helped me have a great sleep. Breakfast offered more conversation about sustainable development over rolls, hard boiled eggs, and PB&J.

Around 10:30am I donned my yellow raincoat and walked the 3 or 4 blocks to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (the main Lutheran church in Liberia…5-600 worship on a Sunday) in a gentle drizzle – no deafening thunder. I slipped into one of the rear pews near a fan and the service began. I’m the only white guy in attendance so I felt it was an easy find for some of my friends (Nyekeh, Naomi, and Robert) who were hoping to connect with me at church. There was a lot of singing and two offering collections for special concerns which entails everyone…I mean every single person…processing up to place their donation in the box near the alter…TWICE.  Each procession takes about 20 minutes. Then the women of the “Indigenous Language Choir” sang twice — once in Kpelle (a language spoken in the area where our school will be built) and once in Loma…very beautiful African voices and rhythm.

See this video for a snippet of these women singing  https://youtu.be/8YDJPVdcuxA video_capture

The service continued with the sermon by a guest pastor, announcements, prayers, more announcements and presentations, a special announcement that entailed all the men going up to give an offering for a men’s event, a special plaque presentation by the guest pastor, then Nyekeh was brought up to announce about the school construction beginning — which is when I was called out of my discreet back corner pew to greet the congregation. Three hours later I was having buffet lunch with Naomi at a nice restaurant adjacent to the Royal Hotel.

They don’t realize I fall asleep horizontal on the floor snoring every Sunday afternoon for a nap!

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