Ice cream in the sky.

I seem to find ice cream wherever I travel. Whether it’s Kimball’s at home, Dairy Queen in Appalachia, “gelato” in Italy or “helado” in Nicaragua … and now an ice cream bar at 38,000 feet over Africa has found me thanks to Brussels Airlines. 
I hope my future posts will have more significance than my dessert menu.
During our layover in Freetown I started talking with the remaining passengers who were also headed for Monrovia. One Liberian gentleman, Bill, is a former pro footballer (“soccer” for us Americans) who is currently a scout for FIFA.

 I suggested he might do a football clinic at our school in the future and he seemed interested enough to give me his business card (he lives in Switzerland).
I also spoke with a former Peace Corp worker who had some interesting insights on teaching, salaries, and elite students in developing countries.

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