The power of the pen 

As I mentioned, letters from child sponsors and the Sunday School at Mt. Calvary were distributed during the PTA meeting. The villagers were very impressed that they had one-on-one connection to Americans who were helping them. Word got out to those six families whose children did not re-enroll this semester. Three are now back in school. That’s the power of the pen…building relationships through old school letters that will change children’s lives! So, thank you.

One of the side effects of these letters is that illiterate adults are in a position where they want to read and reply to their American counterparts. They’re interacting with their children about the written word which elevates it ever so slightly to a new level of importance for our students. Some parents may even develop more motivation to attend our future adult literacy classes.

And now for a commercial break. If you’d like to change a child’s life, visit our website and click the “Sponsor A Child” link. And if you’re already sponsoring one of our students, thank you and consider sending a letter with me when I return in the spring….it makes a difference.

Consider a sponsorship on Giving Tuesday, November 28th as an alternative gift in response to the crazy consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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